Wednesday, 12 August 2009

I am pants

I am... I haven't posted in MONTHS!

I will try and post this week.. not that anyone reads.... *sniff*

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Free advertising for WAHMs

Just thought I'd pop in and remind everyone that is a work at home or work from home mother that you can advertise your business FREE on

So what are you waiting for???

Don't have a wahm business? Well well... they are on the up you know! Got a spare £20?? I suggest you read this here then CLICK

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Mama is Packing!

Arghhh I haven't written in here for yonks!

Well.... the reason is we are moving... upping sticks and moving across town to a much nicer premises. Well we think so anyway :-)

I will get round to updating on here eventually but as you can imagine I am totally chokker with things to do. Not least because we were meant to move in january but it all got put off a month... So the business is in limbo while we move and I am frustrated as hell sitting in an office that is full of boxes!!

The wahm carts are doing well despite the credit crunch. I think people like buying from the work at home mums as they know they wont go belly up and not send them their products. More and more ladies are wanting to start their own online shop and trust that with our experience and the fact they can get started for as little as £20 means a lot of new wahm stores are popping up.

That makes me feel good.... we need to bring back small businesses, trust and a sense of community!

Anyway, time to go paint or pack again... no rest for the Mama!

Friday, 14 November 2008

Baking Hot!

Yeah I wish the title was about the weather he he... Well my Mama bought me an unbirthday present of an electric bread maker. We adore home baked bread but a magic box one opens and closes and bread comes out ... well we got to baking in earnest!

My first attempt of a fruit loaf however had everyone amused as it looked like a grumpy old person.

And then there was the Banana Bread Loaf [baked in oven] that was for some forgotten reason nicknamed Jemima Loaf.... lmao I can't remember why perhaps one of the Goddesses reading this can comment and remind me!
As you can see Robert was brave enough to taste my Jemima and live to tell the tale. He enjoyed it... no really he did!!

We then had a discussion about butter and Rio thought butter came from cheese so we made some butter.

The children really enjoyed doing this and seemed to have forgotten making butter a few years ago. I really have let things like this slip since I stopped home educating. Just goes to show though doesn't it? Butter from cheese?? At least he was almost there I guess some wouldn't even make that link.

The butter tasted awesome spread on slices of freshly baked bread. Yes I am putting on weight!!

Still... how can anyone resist home grown, home baked food?

We had a fab crop of tomatoes, aubergines, purple potatoes, chives, white potatoes... It's just too good to resist the urge to EAT!!

Plenty eggs n bread missus!

Back in October Beef laid her very first [and only] double yolk egg! It just so happened to be on the day Torin designated himself as "Beef eater" which isn't as horrendous as it sounds, he just got to have the egg Beef laid. So wasn't he chuffed to bits??

Then we hear a knock at the window and Looky looky who's spying on the Toad eating her egg!!

Now you may be wondering why she looks so ropey... well if you look out the window you will see a rather odd object for a hen run and that is an umbrella... why? Well because while the other three hens ran off for dry shelter beef decided she would go worm hunting. Just look at how disheveled she is!
Photo affectionately known as BEEF DRIPPING !! lol

On the 2nd of October we thought one of our girls had decided to join Beef and lay eggs... white ones too. We weren't sure which hen was laying so the next day I 'lay' in wait and spied Emo coming out of the nest box singing her heart out about what she had just done. To top it all off they weren't white eggs she lay, noooo the first ones were a very very pale version of what we get one of every day and that is a lovely shade of green.
The boys laughed and laughed when they saw the green eggs and one started chanting "I do not like green eggs and ham I do not like them Sam I Am!" But they were equally as amazed to find green eggs don't look green inside and taste just as good as brown eggs.

Unfortunately Beef decided she had laid enough eggs this year and on about 20th October stopped laying every day..... poor girl has done brill so deserves a break!

Emo on the other hand kept us well equipped with green eggs daily.


How bad am I?

Ok I haven't been very well for a good few weeks, also during that time AOL hacked into our Broadband account and 'slammed' it away from BT. Then to top it all off we come back online and find we had a HUGE amount of people order from us so we are busy busy busy here at HQ.

I will catch up and let you all know what's been happening and how the girls are!

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Lay a little egg for me!!

Eggs !!

We have eggs every day... I'm so pleased!

So, we got our hens on Friday 26th September and got them home about 6pm.... they all pretty much went to bed soon after that and the next day I woke at 06:45 and skipped to the chookery to wake the girls up.

I sat there with a cup of tea and sat there... and sat there... and eventually Beef came out and squinted at me in a “It's awful early you know!” way...

Then Luna came out, then Emo and after about 20 minutes Rocket fell out the roost, straight out the door landing on her chest on the straw outside!!

I think it's the first Sunday that I have been at home that I haven't done ANY work-work.... I spent ALL day outside building, re arranging, buying plants and other Hen related things and actually had the day off work!! Blessings come in feathered packages!

I kind of got myself a feathered admirer too. Beef the ISA Brown decided that I was luffly and wouldn't leave me alone. At one point Robert and I sat on the bench outside the coop and were discussing how we would alter the ladder when beef went in and snuggled in the dirt.

“She's making egg noises” I said remembering my youth on the farm. I threw a bit of straw at her and sure enough she tucked it next to her.... threw another bit and she did the same. “Wow” Robert said.

So we went to stand outside the chookery and arrange bits of wood [as you do when you are waiting for an egg!!! lol] and within minutes Beef came out and quietly said “Bock!”..... I whisked myself back into the chookery, opened the door and... TWO EGGS!!

Ok they were tiny pale eggs and one of them had a soft spot and was leaking but they were our very first eggs. The girls hadn't even been here a full day yet!

That evening when the hens were going in to roost Beef sat next to me on the window sill and wouldn't leave me. She wanted to be petted and wanted to help me preen my messy head of feathers! lol

Beef has laid an egg for us Monday and Today.... lovely brown eggs. Robert says they taste good too!

Now if the other ladies could bring themselves to lay all would be fantastic!

As for four hens being enough..... HA!!! What fool said that? We are now seriously thinking of getting two more.... just two... honest!!!