Wednesday, 10 September 2008

September...Where IS the sun?

Lots of changes and business meetings and suchlike ..... The Green parent magazine now sample in the packs and are also going to be giving away one of our competition packs in their winter issue. Here is a photo of the pack!

We've given up on the incompetence of Royal Mail and signed up with a courier company ... there are only so many 'undelivered' packages a company can cope with... sorry Royal Mail but you are pants!

We have also started the ball rolling to find distributors for Mama Packs. It's proving difficult to get the message across that we want them GIVEN away... I think most of the emails we have had from people have asked if we “Have any objections to how much is charged” the Mama Packs are to educate, initiate and open the eyes of families around the nation to a more ethical lifestyle... to introduce companies to families that can offer them an alternative to gak chemicals. NOT to make someone a tidy profit...

One will notice that the packs are marked at £0.00 ...

Still waiting for Innocent smoothies and other similar companies to contact us so watch this space!

We are off on a short adult weekend with friends so no blogging until we return... hopefully with news of our Chooks!!

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