Saturday, 30 August 2008

New Mama & Baby Packs.

What a crazy week! Mama Packs went back on sale again and as per usual sold out within hours, lots of lovely emails from people loving the packs but when I suggest they leave a testimonial or review on the site only a handful do.

Some of the testimonials have me in stitches, I particularly like the one left by Kitty Banham

who said:

“omg I nearly peed myself when it arrived, no one knows I am pregnant so
the postman standing there with a box with Mama Pack written on it made
me grin so far round my head it nearly split in two! “

I remember that so proud feeling very well, the feeling like you could just split in two like a firework when anyone noticed or asked if you were pregnant.

Having a tough time keeping patient this week. Lots of companies want to sample in the packs but it seems they are sensible and work 'normal' hours which means deliveries of samples is slow by my 24/7 workaholic standards!! I have been waiting for one particularly exciting sample to arrive for 2 weeks now. This means I am regularly seen staring out the window at delivery vans hoping they have that package!

I have got quite a good relationship now with the delivery chaps and have a chat and a giggle with them, they can't get their head round what we do here but often comment on how nice the packages smell. This morning the driver said “More smellies?” as he handed me a large squidgy parcel... “Nope” I replied with a big grin, “Sanitary towels.... washable ones!” His face was a picture!!!

The sanitary towels were for the new 'baby' of the packs which is going on sale today!

The New Mama & baby Pack.

This is a gift pack people can buy for the expectant or newly birthed mother. It will contain the following:

Newborn Cloth Nappy.

Newborn Baby Vest.

Baby Soap.

Mummy Massage Bar.

£2 Gift Certificate for Fizz n Suds Shop

Mummy Massage roller.

Cloth Sanitary Towel.

Sanitary Towel bag.

Baby Bandana Bib.

Baby Wash Mit.

Washable Baby Bottom wipes.

A congratulations personalised bar of Green and Blacks chocolate.

£1 Gift Certificate for MORE chocolate from Rizy's Wrappers.

A taggy comfort blanket.

A roll of 100% degradable nappy sacks.

A Booby Reminder breastfeeding bracelet

Newborn knitted booties.

Baby Cream wonda balm.

Beautiful gem phone charm / keyring charm

My goodness it's the first time I've seen the list written down!! Even I am impressed lol

Anyway to buy all of these things individually would cost you a little over £67 but I have not taken into account the separate shipping charges so it's more like £80.

Not a bad little gift to give someone is it?? better than a bunch of grapes!!

The photo doesn't show all the items in the box... must update that!

Right... the sun is out which means I should go and do some more work on the Chookery!


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