Friday, 14 November 2008

Plenty eggs n bread missus!

Back in October Beef laid her very first [and only] double yolk egg! It just so happened to be on the day Torin designated himself as "Beef eater" which isn't as horrendous as it sounds, he just got to have the egg Beef laid. So wasn't he chuffed to bits??

Then we hear a knock at the window and Looky looky who's spying on the Toad eating her egg!!

Now you may be wondering why she looks so ropey... well if you look out the window you will see a rather odd object for a hen run and that is an umbrella... why? Well because while the other three hens ran off for dry shelter beef decided she would go worm hunting. Just look at how disheveled she is!
Photo affectionately known as BEEF DRIPPING !! lol

On the 2nd of October we thought one of our girls had decided to join Beef and lay eggs... white ones too. We weren't sure which hen was laying so the next day I 'lay' in wait and spied Emo coming out of the nest box singing her heart out about what she had just done. To top it all off they weren't white eggs she lay, noooo the first ones were a very very pale version of what we get one of every day and that is a lovely shade of green.
The boys laughed and laughed when they saw the green eggs and one started chanting "I do not like green eggs and ham I do not like them Sam I Am!" But they were equally as amazed to find green eggs don't look green inside and taste just as good as brown eggs.

Unfortunately Beef decided she had laid enough eggs this year and on about 20th October stopped laying every day..... poor girl has done brill so deserves a break!

Emo on the other hand kept us well equipped with green eggs daily.

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