Friday, 14 November 2008

Baking Hot!

Yeah I wish the title was about the weather he he... Well my Mama bought me an unbirthday present of an electric bread maker. We adore home baked bread but a magic box one opens and closes and bread comes out ... well we got to baking in earnest!

My first attempt of a fruit loaf however had everyone amused as it looked like a grumpy old person.

And then there was the Banana Bread Loaf [baked in oven] that was for some forgotten reason nicknamed Jemima Loaf.... lmao I can't remember why perhaps one of the Goddesses reading this can comment and remind me!
As you can see Robert was brave enough to taste my Jemima and live to tell the tale. He enjoyed it... no really he did!!

We then had a discussion about butter and Rio thought butter came from cheese so we made some butter.

The children really enjoyed doing this and seemed to have forgotten making butter a few years ago. I really have let things like this slip since I stopped home educating. Just goes to show though doesn't it? Butter from cheese?? At least he was almost there I guess some wouldn't even make that link.

The butter tasted awesome spread on slices of freshly baked bread. Yes I am putting on weight!!

Still... how can anyone resist home grown, home baked food?

We had a fab crop of tomatoes, aubergines, purple potatoes, chives, white potatoes... It's just too good to resist the urge to EAT!!

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