Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Mama is Packing!

Arghhh I haven't written in here for yonks!

Well.... the reason is we are moving... upping sticks and moving across town to a much nicer premises. Well we think so anyway :-)

I will get round to updating on here eventually but as you can imagine I am totally chokker with things to do. Not least because we were meant to move in january but it all got put off a month... So the business is in limbo while we move and I am frustrated as hell sitting in an office that is full of boxes!!

The wahm carts are doing well despite the credit crunch. I think people like buying from the work at home mums as they know they wont go belly up and not send them their products. More and more ladies are wanting to start their own online shop and trust that with our experience and the fact they can get started for as little as £20 means a lot of new wahm stores are popping up.

That makes me feel good.... we need to bring back small businesses, trust and a sense of community!

Anyway, time to go paint or pack again... no rest for the Mama!

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