Monday, 25 August 2008

The Mama Pack Cult Buy!!

We reckon there must be a body guard, you know like the two Ron's from the 80's ?? What were they called [hurriedly Googlies..] Ahhh The Management!

Anyway where was I? Oh yes, we think there must be the Two Rons sitting to the side of the Mama Pack web store as no matter how late, how quietly, how non dramatically we add Mama Packs to the website they sell out within an hour!

We have taken to adding batches in groups of 20. Why? Well the emails we get from people pleading with us to “Put a pack aside for me, I'll pay double!” or “Please, please call me when they are for sale!” made us think that if we released them in batches of 20 some of the ladies who get on at erratic times during the day [or night while breastfeeding] would stand a chance of getting a pack.

I'm beginning to think it is more a case of “I bought a Mama Pack” than just having a sample of what is inside.... Have we spawned a cult buy? Are we the new Crocs?

I have to say though that during September we have some amazing businesses joining the samplers..... The Green Parent Magazine will be adding a copy of their magazine into each pack, Rude Health will be offering up a delicious feast for breakfast... mmmmm and many many more!

We are thinking by December the Mama Pack will have to upgrade it's 9 x 6 box and blossom into a bigger one to accommodate all the goodness within!

The August competition pack was sealed today and a photo taken of it's innards... I am tempted to keep it but alas I have no new-borns and my youngest is now **gasp** FIVE!

There is also the birth of the Mama Contacts Directory..... You've all seen the books for sale listing out where to go for your green, ethical, enviro crunchy products and we've all been guilty of standing in WHSmiths wishing we have the money to buy a copy to mull over at home.

Well the Mama Contact Directory is FREE!! It is free to anyone who cares to download it from the Mama Packs store. Downloading of course means you save paper and our ink...

Oh my goodness our ink!! I was printing out some contact directories today for the last batch of Mama Packs and my blessed ink startedto run out.... they might not look as fab as they should but they are good enough and I will use the printers cartridge until it is quite quite empty! I'll stand on it's plastic neck and wring it dry if I have to..... well!! Every drop counts ya' know!

I am of the distinct impression that the recycled paper we use 'drinks' ink a lot readily than the nasty bleached virgin paper.... Someone really should come up with a gloopier ethical ink for peeps like us shouldn't they?

Bank Holidays are a bit weird here as we still have heaps of work to do and yet no one else seems to be working so our emails and phone calls echo in a chasm of 'fun havers' ... **sigh**

Anyway apart from that I have had a HUGE office jiggle.... Well I say huge, what I mean is the window side..... and yes I know our desks are still a mess but you know it's all organised chaos!

The jumper that is stretched over the back of my chair has history so don't think I am being a slovenly lady!

It belonged to my dear Daddy and when he died in march 1988 my Gradnfather took it back to Czechoslovakia with him and he wore it. When he died in August 2006 [anniversary tomorrow] I

brought it back home to be with me.

When ever I have a hard decision to make, having a pants time or just in need of a hug I wrap the arms around me and feel...... safe.

I have to add here I have also used the sleeve to wipe spilt organic white wine off my chest after an on-line friend made me SCREAM with laughter and I might add almost drown during an MSN chat.

Msn is bad for you and your heirlooms don't you know!! I was blowing wine out my nostrils for hours!!

Oh my goodness... I've written a book on here again.... ok over and out.


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