Thursday, 21 August 2008

The roof, the roof, the roof is on .....

Well yesterday was a busy day in the chookery! We finished off the doors for the pop hole side and added a roof. The wood part of the roof was made out of a wardrobe I have had since 1972 and the felt was new. Robert didn't want to get reclaimed/recycled as it usually isn't very good quality and waterproof... I agree. So we invested in a roll for £6 and have loads left to cover the sand-pit area when it is built.

Then I got busy insulating the south side, I used cardboard boxes from suppliers and samplers to slide in between the two walls of the side and then packed bubble wrap, carrier bags and other plastic wrapping that was from the business in between the card and the inside wall. Nice padded insulated wall now on that side as it gets the most wind. Then started painting the south side. I used left over fencing paint and some magnolia that we have no idea where it came from but found a HUGE pot of it in the shed.

Then in typical Yzzy style I had to decorate the chookery so we cut a potato into a stamp and a wine cork and got daisy painting with some left over paint from when I decorated the boys room earlier this year.

At one point I went to add a bit more paint to the yellow pallet and promptly sat full force on the edge of the drain border!! OUCH!!!!! I am now sporting a rather cool bruise on my bottom, good job it's well padded or I could have cracked my pelvis!

Building this is making me think of Duck-Duck and our first aviary we built for him and the Rabbits / Guinea pig. That was such a cool garden, it's a shame we have such a small one now and such a high fox population here. I could hear foxes screaming in the distance last night and I wondered if it was just a rubbish bag they had found to sing about or if someone had lost a pet to them.

The sound of their 'joy' when they ravaged Duck-Duck and guinea will haunt us both... we will make sure this coop is sly proof.... well as sly proof as one can.

Why do foxes sound like chimpanzees now? I remember a few years ago they used to howly-yelp you could tell it was a fox. Nowadays they either sound like a female being attacked or chimpanzees.... horrid sound!

Anyway... it's chucking it down with rain on and off so I don't think we will make much progress on things but I am hoping we can build the nest boxes today.

Only the main door to do after that and the sand box and we will be ready for the girls.

Torin enjoyed painting yellow daisies on the coop... and yes he has got black nail varnish on, when Rio giggled Torin said, "You know River..... boys can have nails painted toooooo" and flounced off.

More photos can be seen from yesterday either in the slide show on the left here or by clicking the slideshow.

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Liz said...

We don't need no water let the ************ burn :)
Haven't loistened to Coal Chamber for ages! lol
Chicky house looking fab :)