Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Phase Two

Yeahy... I cracked flickr!! lol....

So there should now be photos that update on here or you can go to HERE and view them all.

The materials used in making the Chookery so far have been:

An old wood rubbish bin container
Some pallets
Our old double pine bed
A wardrobe [tall boy] that I have had since I was 2 years old!!
Some reclaimed nails, hinges, bolts and screws,
Some twisted willow branched
An old fire guard
The ladder is the back of the bed!
The wall lining inside the coop is from old laminate flooring thrown out by neighbours in their skip... *grin* Yeahy for skip shopping!

The tools used were given to us by Mama and the lady next door has been holding on to her fathers tools and gave them to Robert... Thank you Francis!!

There is still a bit to do, we need to felt the roof [waiting for some felt to turn up at the tip!] I need to re-do the fencing around it as it is a bit too low and the old fire guard which i adapted to be a gate is far too low.

I aim to have this all done by September as the rescue center will have chooks for us then! ... Hopefully....

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